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A Physician that

Truly Listens

Dr. Kevin Hoffarth established BioFIT Medicine in 2013. He brings a unique blend of traditional medical training and certification from the Institute of Functional Medicine. Patients at BioFIT Medicine benefit from Dr. Hoffarth's integration of Eastern and Western philosophies, a rare approach in healthcare. Drawing from cutting-edge therapies such as epigenetics, regenerative medicine, biological decoding, and quantum physics, Dr. Hoffarth tailors treatments to each patient's specific needs and starting points.

Driven by a commitment to results, Dr. Hoffarth emphasizes collaborative effort towards the common goal of optimizing health. His background in competitive sports informs his belief that effective medical guidance involves understanding patients on a deep level, including their personal challenges and mental health needs. He recognizes that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to health and therefore avoids prescribing singular philosophies, diets, or protocols. Instead, he imparts foundational principles to every patient while customizing treatment plans based on individual circumstances.

In his book "Functional Medicine: the New Standard," Dr. Hoffarth elaborates on these fundamentals and underscores the importance of treating patients as whole beings, not just a collection of systems. BioFIT Medicine prioritizes holistic care, ensuring that patients are heard, understood, and supported in their journey towards wellness.

Success in this approach hinges on patient commitment and dedication. BioFIT Medicine operates with a results-oriented mindset, aiming for patients to achieve their optimal selves, reduce reliance on medications, cultivate lifelong healthy habits, and mitigate future disease burden. Dr. Hoffarth welcomes patients of all backgrounds and complexities, aspiring to guide each individual towards their best possible version, enabling them to thrive in their lives.

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for getting

to the

root cause

of disease

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My Goal is to Help you Become your BEST YOU.

Team-Based Care Is Essential for Meeting Value-Based Care Goals.

BioFIT Medicine's philosophy is simple: we want to help you become a better human. We are not purists on any given medical philosophy. Why? By 2020, medical research doubled every 72-days. This reality necessitates that one's philosophy be open-minded, flexible, and pursued with a heart of a student first and foremost.

BioFIT Medicine demands that the "basics" are made whole from the beginning, requiring you to be equally as involved in learning more about YOU as we are. The foundation of BioFIT Medicine is grounded within the Functional Medicine matrix of thinking. This philosophy addresses the underlying cause for your dysfunction and disease to literally "reverse engineer" your current state of health. We place you on a path of rapid healing and improved resilience in body, mind, and your higher self.

It can not be emphasized enough that we are a highly adaptable practice that engages and pulls from many of the best science-based medical philosophies of today. We embrace the imbedded knowledge in aging medical research, cell biology, nutrition, meditative practices, peptide therapy, hormone replacement, energy medicine, and epigenetic research.

BioFIT Medicine was created to be a safe and opportunistic space. We offer patient-centered, not disease-centered, medical guidance. This is meant to empower you and make you the best human you were meant to be so that you may go forth and offer your gifts to the world around you.

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it’s easier to


disease than to

cure it

-Ben Franklin

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Optimal Health is not a Destination it’s a Journey.

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Reaching your Optimal State

Finding your sweet spot entails achieving harmony between your mind, body, and inherently perfect spirit. This equilibrium is disrupted by various factors, often leading to illness. To reverse engineer this, we begin by delving into your thought patterns and examining your dietary habits while also identifying and mitigating S.T.A.M.P. triggers (stressors, toxins, allergens, microbes, poor diet). Recognizing the intricate interplay among these components, we collaboratively chart a course to empower you to foster enduring vitality. Through this process, we can prevent and even reverse your current state of illness.

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health is a state of


wellness is a state of


-J Stanford

Mind with Heart
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Therapeutic Intervention

My approach to therapeutic intervention is tailored to support realigning the communication signals of your body that impact gene expression and, inevitably, your health. Depending on the case, the therapeutic interventions offered include evidence-based practices from conventional medicine plus innovative strategies used in Functional Medicine and beyond, focused on addressing the triggers that cause your misalignments. My comprehensive assessment emphasizes lifestyle modifications such as nutrition optimization (‘your kitchen’), stress management techniques, targeted supplementation, hormone balance, goal-directed exercise insights, and sleep hygiene and support. By addressing imbalances in the body's systems and supporting its innate healing capacity, we aim to promote resilience, vitality, and long-term alignment. Together, we can embark on a journey toward optimal health, empowering you to live your best life.

Highly Specialized Labs We Offer

Results of Blood Test

Our lab panels for the EIC programs are not your typical annual lab panels provided by your primary care physician. Our custom Functional Medicine specialty laboratory panels are 10+ pages; which show the earliest detection of disease processes, some clinically relevant DNA testing, and much more.

While Dr. Hoffarth does not accept insurance for his services, the lab panel cost is strictly processed through your insurance and billed separately from BioFIT Medicine. We also offer a cash pay option with significant cost savings to you, if you choose to pay for your labs without going through your insurance. Since we opened in 2013, the laboratory services we utilize have made this extraordinarily competitive. As long as you have some type of non-HRA (Health Reimbursement) type of insurance plan (regardless of the deductible), most patients pay minimal, and some no out-of-pocket costs for lab services.

Dr. Hoffarth will also provide what's called a "Superbill" after each visit. This provides the necessary medical codes needed by your insurance company to seek any reimbursement for out-of-pocket costs (if applicable to your insurance plan). You may also use a designated FSA or HSA for most out-of-pocket costs, as well. When submitting your Superbill to your insurance company, feedback from our patients tends to range regarding reimbursement. Some insurance plans reimburse as much as 60-100% of your out-of-network expenses; while some do not reimburse for any. Individual insurance carriers will differ. ​

*Subject to change as of January 10th, 2024

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success is

the sum of

small efforts

repeated day-in and day-out

-Robert Collier


What we Offer


  • 2 hour Physician consultation in person
  • 1 initial DEXA body composition scan ($150 value)
  • In-office blood draw (*does not include the cost of lab services - see Laboratory/Insurance Information)


​​Many times, couples see better results working alongside their partner to achieve their goals. This is perfect for couples who are looking for care well beyond weight loss and hormones.

  • 4 hour Physician consultation as a couple In-person
  • 1 initial DEXA body composition scan per person ($160 value each)
  • In-office blood draw (*does not include the cost of lab services - see Laboratory/Insurance Information)


After your Initial Consultation, if you would like to become a patient and adopt the care plan at your consultation, you have the option to become a BioFIT patient with a monthly retainer. Each patient receives:

You will have 24/7 Physician access via a patient portal. Dr. Hoffarth directly answers your questions/concerns/need for prescription refills or nutritional/supplemental adjustments

  • 1-hour Physician Virtual follow-up appointment every 4 months
  • DEXA body composition scans (1 scan every 6 weeks)
  • In-office blood draws every quarter(*does not include the cost of lab services - see Laboratory/Insurance Information)


Considered the "Gold Standard" in medical research. The DEXA (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) scan provides one of the most highly accurate measurements of body composition available, registering fat and lean mass distribution throughout the entire body.


Designed to give a precise indicator of your body's risk of fracture and bone health. It is considered the "Gold Standard" in medical research for testing bone health.


MRT is the most complete blood test for food sensitivities. The diet-induced inflammatory response is the key to understanding your immune response to food and your specific symptoms

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Invest in yourself by Becoming a Patient

BioFIT Medicine offers our patient forms online so they may be completed in the convenience of your own home or office. Here are some tips:

​We recommend filling in the form using the Google Chrome internet browser from a desktop computer, not a cell phone. If you do not have Google Chrome, please click here for the free download.

Please allow yourself 30-45 minutes to complete these forms thoroughly. They must be completed in one session in order to avoid any loss of data. Every question is important so please answer everything to the best of your knowledge.

We are currently accepting new patients at this time.

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My Committment to You.

My #1 commitment is to address your concerns and learn what your goals are. I appreciate that no one knows you better than you. My focus is to provide you with a respite from your day-to-day busyness in order to share the depth of your life in a non-judging, open, and direct partnership.

Together, we will curate the most efficient path to your version of optimal living. I am committed to becoming a student of you, while also being your teacher, guide, and cheerleader. I am passionate about finding the most direct path to healing as quickly as possible.

I will always be prepared before your appointment, having reviewed your labs and prepared your objectives ahead of time. Your time is as valuable as mine.

To our Existing Patients

Thank You!

Doctor online, online medical communication network  with patient, Online medical consultation, Doctor through the phone screen using stethoscope checks and analysis health care.

As a current patient, you should know that Dr. Hoffarth is fully virtual. If you have a question or need prescription refills please message him through the patient portal.

If you are having trouble logging into your portal, please be sure to reset your password. Utilizing the patient portal is critical as it is required to be in compliance with HIPAA confidentiality.

If you are still having trouble logging into the portal then please call our office 512-297-2386.

If you are trying to reach us after hours please reach out to us via email at or text (833-494-0738). If you are having a medical emergency, please dial 911.

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Preparing for your Virtual Follow-Up

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What our Patients are Saying.

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Dr. Hoffarth has done more for me in less than 1 year than dozens of doctors have done for me in 20 years. I have struggled with autoimmune diseases and other mysterious issues that standard diet, exercise, and prescriptions never addressed. Even after I saw improvements in my own efforts (Whole30, Paleo, etc), Dr. Hoffarth uncovered even more hidden issues with his incredible sleuthing and thorough testing. He really advocates for you, which is all I could ever ask for. Through his treatment, I lost 45 pounds and put the majority of my autoimmune symptoms into remission. He treats the root of the problem and not the symptoms. He looks at your whole life and you as a person instead of just data on a chart. This is how the standard of care should be! Highly recommend.

-Stephanie D.

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I have been a patient of Dr Hoffarth's for 2+ years now. He has totally changed my life- not just my exterior appearance but my overall health, as well as the mindset for living a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

That said, I have referred countless amount of family, friends, co-workers, heck even strangers to BioFit, all people who were impressed with my physical transformation...all of whom have been very impressed with their transformations. I truly wish I had met Dr. Hoffarth 10 years ago. It has been an awesome ride and I am a BioFit patient for life!

-David A.

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After my consultation, I feel like a weight has been lifted. After being misdiagnosed for years and doctors only treating symptoms I finally have an understanding of my own health and a plan to heal. I've been searching for a doctor like Dr. Hoffarth for years and am so grateful to have finally found someone who takes the time to see the big picture and create a multifaceted approach to recovery. Dr. Hoffarth is one of the smartest and most compassionate physicians I've worked with and made a complex problem seem manageable and easy to understand. I would recommend his services to anyone who has been struggling with a chronic condition or an issue that they haven't quite been able to pinpoint. I am so thankful he was referred to me.

-Maddie B.

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The best decision I've made for myself and my husband was consulting Doctor Kevin Hoffarth at BioFit Medicine. First, you complete a survey about your health and lifestyle (What are your goals/Concerns?" "When was the last time you felt great?"), run blood tests and a DEXA body composition scan. Doctor Hoffarth sits down for two whole hours (not fifteen minutes) to review your body and lab results in non-medical terminology using analogy and in a completely clear understandable way. I now know who, what, why, and where my true actual body health stands and how to heal it and/or improve it with a healthy diet and lifestyle changes. Previously, my doctors just prescribed more pills, not an action plan to heal. We feel amazing and are on our way to better overall health and a new lifestyle. Never too old to start! We're both feeling so much better than ever before.

-Victoria A

Buzz in the Press

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Find Dr. Hoffarth’s book on Amazon

In his book, Dr. Hoffarth guides us through the knowledge he has gathered across this journey, his 7 years of experience implementing what he learned along the way, and the appreciation he has gained towards the ties that bind us all. He will walk you through his application of treating the 5 “S.T.A.M.P” triggers, along with his basic principles on tackling illness, building discipline, and learning how to be your best self both physically and mentally. In light of today’s pandemic, the SARS-nCoV-2019 virus’s game plan is to hurt the most vulnerable, and spread to as many people as possible. In traditional medical terminology, vulnerability is determined by "pre-existing conditions", and the bar for those is lower than you think. In his book, Dr. Hoffarth colorfully explains what healthy really looks like in terms of how our body functions, and what you may unknowingly be missing. Through following his guidance, you'll find that your optimal self is easy to obtain, and that fear of illness can take a back seat to living your life. He takes the brilliant complexities of our body and explain them in a way that is easily digestible and effortlessly implementable. No other book brings everything you need to know about your body into a single read.

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“Your health is a life-time river, winding and flowing throughout the years, and it reacts to what you do, how you treat yourself, your life experiences. Eventually everyone hits the waterfall which is that free fall into a health event.” Dr. Kevin Hoffarth Treat yourself to better health and wellness as host John Malanca discusses the impact of stress, life events, nutrition, cannabis and more in this informative podcast with Kevin Hoffarth, MD.

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Is it possible that there is a physician who actually cares about your whole person? Are we really connected mind, body, and spirit? Yes! Join us for a discussion like you have never heard before about who is CEO of your body and how it all functions together.

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The Greatness Machine with Darius Mirshahzadev

Joining us on The Greatness Machine, Dr. Kevin talks about his journey of switching from traditional medicine to functional medicine, which was driven by a deep commitment to improving health and providing patients with more effective, comprehensive solutions to their health challenges

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